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An American Werewolf in London screenplay

The complete screenplay of An American Werewolf in London with script notes.

The Script

An American Werewolf in London Screenplay (PDF).

Script notes

One of the classic monster movies, Landis' Werewolf is clever and stylish with a great mix of humour, action, character and violence. Landis directed the 1981 film as well, giving Jenny Agutter one of her best roles and throwing the cinematic eye onto the American tourist, the 1980s and the general sex-obsessed, irreverance of youth.

The script includes many of the self-aware moments of the film, including the often-noted use of a soundtrack containing only songs with moon somewhere in the title. Landis' werewolf is violent and gory, beastly and animalistic, and the transformation from human to beast is one of the greatest ever examples of physical special effects, makeup and prosthetics from the days before computer graphics were king.

John Landis is, perhaps, better known as a director than as a writer, but his writing is extremely well structured and contains some lovely characters and dialogue, Werewolf is among his best work as a scribe.

"A lot of people who are in the movie business don't really know much about movies, and they certainly don't know movie history. You have to even find a code when you're talking to these people - you can't use the references that you would use when talking to somebody who knows movie history. When you go in to pitch something, it depends what you invoke. You can't invoke anything really before 1980 with these people because they don't know what you're talking about. It's limiting. They get annoyed. They get offended that you are somehow trying to expose the fact that they don't know things, and make them feel inadequate. Which is of course not the point, or why you do it. "

Joe Dante