Here you'll find a set of core tools to help you write screenplays. It really is that simple. Guides, templates, exactly the sort of thing that make structured writing easier.

Screenplay Builder

Interactive screenplay builder

Writing template sheets

These are blank templates for characters and locations. While somewhat similar to all the other templates available, these ones are deliberately designed to include the things you need in a screenplay, as opposed to a novel.

Blank character template (Word format)

Blank character template (PDF format)

Example character template for Darth Vader (PDF format)

Blank location template (Word format)

Blank location template (PDF format)

Example location template for Star Wars' Mos Eisley Cantina (PDF format)

Analysis template sheets

The best way to understand screenwriting is to see how it's done. Every time you go to a movie write out a simple analysis of the story to see how the writer formed the tale. In order to make this easy here are templates for analysing a film. Bear in mind the same templates work just as well when applied to your own story, so feel free to do exactly that.

Blank film analysis template (Word format)

Blank film analysis template (PDF format)

Example film analysis template for Star Wars (PDF format)

The first workshop in the Introduction to Screenwriting series is now available as a downloadable pack under Resources