A shameless plug for the services I offer, but in my defence some of them are free.


Screenwriting services


These workshops are usually suitable for up to 20 people, depending on venue. If you'd like to arrange a workshop please contact me at to discuss the details.

Prices for the workshops vary depending on costs and are usually free for charities, education and festivals.

Introduction to Screenwriting

Six workshops, each about 90 minutes, explaining the process of writing for the screen. Ideally they should be done in order, though it's not essential as the beginning of each workshop includes a quick refresher.

Workshop Name
1 - Getting started and the three-act structureSlides (PDF)
2 - In the beginning - the first act
3 - Narrative - the second act
4 - Happily ever after - the third act
5 - Who we are - characters
6 - What we say - dialogue

Understanding Screenplays

Two workshops, each about one hour, explaining how screenplays tell stories. These two are independent and can be done in either order.

Workshop Name
Structure and genre
Knotting and unknotting

Screenwriting Services

These services are individual and completely confidential. Contact me at to discuss your needs or to book.

Individual Coaching
Advice and guidance, in person or electronically, specific to your project.
Typically one hour in length.
Helps with getting started, finding or improving the story.
Price from FREE for first session to £25.

Story Analysis
How to turn your story into a structured screenplay.
Splitting the story into three acts.
The protagonist's role and path.
Identifying the core narrative.
Identifying the fulcrum and setting the stakes.

Screenplay Report
A full analysis of a screenplay just the way the industry will see it. Identify any weaknesses and make changes before submitting it to the agents and producers.
Formatting analysis.
Structural analysis.
Character analysis.
Action and description analysis.
Dialogue analysis.


Currently there are no public workshops scheduled.

If you'd like to arrange a workshop please let me know at Generally they are suitable for groups of up to 20.